Yuddham Sharanam: All twists in this tale predictable

Film: Yuddham Sharanam Director: Krishna Marimuthu Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Lavanya Tripathi, Revathi, Meka Srikanth

By Author   |   Published: 9th Sep 2017   12:57 am Updated: 9th Sep 2017   12:58 am
Yuddham Sharanam
Lead pair, Chaitanya and Lavanya, fight hard to keep their image alive.

Make it gory, it becomes heroic. Make it sadistic, it becomes bravery. Make it unbelievable, it becomes cinematic. Push the scale, it becomes acceptable. Bring in the stars with blue blood then the initial draw is guaranteed. Then what? The thud can be heard.

Krishna Marimuthu decides to run on the star value of Naga Chaitanya and gets a script that has the usual storyline of doting parents, romance and hate to showcase the varying skills of the protagonist.

This is just another apology of entertainment with the cast for an excuse. Some amazing talent (Rao Ramesh and Revathi) fight hard to add credibility. Stars (Chaitanya and Lavanya) fight hard to keep their image alive in the context of their bread and butter stance. For the rest, it is a predictable story told ever so often with minor variations and sometimes just the same.

Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) is working on a drone while medical intern Anjali (Lavanya Tripathi) walks into his life. They fall in love. Arjun reviews his near perfect life: wonderful parents Sita (Revathi) and Murali (Rao Ramesh), siblings who are settled and happy, the parents are into social work, reasonably affluent. All is fine: the bees buzzing, the butterflies flying, the lyricist is doling out those romantic numbers and the choreographer is overworking the dreams.

Just when you would vouch that the angels have wagered on their favourites, the cosmic dice is cast. So, we have the corrupt minister (Vinod Kumar) who stage manages a terrorist attack with the help of Jogi (Pawan). Stepping in is the police officer JD Sastry (Murali Sharma – the new avatar of Siyaji Shinde) who is to investigate the crime. The happy family line crosses the evil political line and hell knows no fury greater than a Tollywood script.

Every twist to the tale is straitjacketed to a fault and even a four-film old viewer will tell the route and the road of the tale to the finale. Some die, some fight, kick up dust, break bones and furniture raise dust and noise and finally settle down to a smile-filled finale.

Chaitu is sincere and shows a nice friendly awkward presence. His dialogue delivery is a serious suspect. It should not be difficult for him to train in this area provided he admits with modesty that it is never too late to learn. Lavanya plays glam doll without a complaint. Srikanth as the bad guy adds more beard than anger to his role to be seen as a fearsome baddie. Mukul Sharma, Pavan et al do their best. Rao Ramesh and Revathi as the elder couple are worth watching the film for.