Wrestling men

By Author   |   Published: 22nd Jan 2017   12:03 am Updated: 20th Jan 2017   9:02 pm
Shutter Speed: 1/80   | ISO: 200 | Aperture: 4.5 | Focal Length: 12MM

This statue of two Greek men wrestling with the splendid stucco work in the background made for a very captivating sight. The sunlight pouring in from the French windows sort of lights up the gilded work on the roof. The Chowmahalla palace is unique for its style and elegance. Building of the palace began in the late 18th century and over the decades a synthesis of many architectural styles and influences emerged which has survived the test of time.

Bhaskar Dutta.

Bhaskar Dutta
Camera: Nikon D5000
Season: Summer
Shot on: August 12, 2016

Bhaskar Dutta is the founder of the page Camera Club of Hyderabad which has over 10,000 members in Facebook. He was passionate about photography since childhood, he participated in many group and solo shows.

His first solo show was in the year 1998. Bhaskar enjoys capturing plethora of subjects, but his favourites are tabletop, travel and food photography.