Wondrous monuments in ruins

Standing magnificently for love, power and fine architecture, these monuments may fade with time

By Author   |   Published: 23rd Sep 2017   11:25 pm
historical monuments

Who wouldn’t love to travel and explore, now? But when we narrow it down to just historical monuments in India, there are many that are in ruins. If you don’t take some time out of your busy schedule and travel now, you may never get to see them, so it’s like a ‘now or never’ situation for travellers to visit these places.

Taj Mahal

Our country itself has many top tourist destinations and Taj Mahal is one of them. It’s like a synonym of India, a true monument of love. But, air pollution and negligence can reduce its time span and may soon not stand as tall and beautiful as it is now. It is one of the top historical monuments in the world and you shouldn’t miss visiting this magnificent monument.

Ajanta caves

A series of 29 rock-cut Buddhist caves dating back to 2nd century BC is located in Maharashtra. It has worship halls, paintings and rock sculptures which is said to be one of the finest Buddhist religious arts. Tucked amidst the greenery, this place was accidentally discovered by a British officer, John K Smith. Though it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the paintings and sculptures are slowly losing their visibility.

Ellora caves

And when you visit the Ajanta caves, do not skip Ellora caves. It has Buddhist, Hindu and Jain caves out of which of which the Kailasha temple is much talked about. Considered to be one of the largest rock-cut monastery caves, do visit the place before it starts to fade.

Khajuraho temples

A group of temples situated in Madhya Pradesh, it has both Hindu and Jain temples. Famously known for its erotic sculptures and nagara style architecture – this one is no exception too. Considered to be a true representative of Indian art and culture, this place is a major tourist destination.