Why US is the first choice for Higher Education?

Indian students go abroad not just for education, but to make a career too.

By Author   |   Published: 8th Jan 2017   11:24 pm
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Higher Education in US is expensive when compared to Europe, Australia, and many other ‘Education-exporting’ countries. Why is it that then Indian students, even from leading schools such as IITs, still prefer US to other countries for higher education?

There are three very important reasons for this. First one, of course, is the presence of numerous world-class universities in US. Second and more important, Indian students go abroad not just for education, but to make a career too. Most Indian students do not come back to India right away after the completion of their programme, and look forward to work there for a few years.This is where the US has a big edge – it has good jobs to offer, and being a cosmopolitan country (yes, despite what Trump’s victory would otherwise suggest), a good place to start a family.

Further, the cost of education at US schools suits all budgets. Basis is nature of the school – Public (meaning government controlled), or Private; rural or urban; cold-states or hot-states (not geographically, but job market wise – California and New York being examples of the hot-states), the cost of education can be very affordable or end up as only-for-the-rich.

Finally, US being a meritocratic state, a brilliant student stands a very good chance of earning herself a scholarship or an assistantship, thus making education free (or even income positive – where the scholarship amount is more than the tuition fee).

-Mohamed Abdullah, CEO, Conduira Online, online Test Prep organization