Vivekam: Ajith’s dwindling X factor

By Author   |   Published: 26th Aug 2017   3:07 pm

Repute notwithstanding actors do find their nemesis when they begin to believe in their infallibility or become prey to the illusion of the celluloid grandeur that their favorite directors cast them in.

Surely when Ajith does a Balakrishna you sit up and seriously question not so much the end product but the dwindling X factor in the actor and his choice of script. 

Vivekam is such certified hogwash in the name of sleek western stylised espionage drama that you begin to wonder whether the film maker is out to dish out a Dhoom – Kabir Khan fiasco. 

Ajay Kumar heads a counter terrorist group  with friends and colleagues Aryan Singha (Vivek Oberoi), Shawn (Arav Chowdharry), Mike (Serge Crozon) and Rachael (Amila Terzimehic). That is however a thing in the past. Now he is perceived as an international enemy. He goes balllistically berserk shooting at will with fancy gadgets  and escaping a posse of policemen with cinematic ease  somewhere in Serbia. 

Cut into a set where Chief of the Bureau (Sarat Saxena) is taking stock of the deeds of this international criminal and how to handle the challenge.

Aryan and team are summoned and given the task of  apprehending the allusive one time anti terror officer.

A further peep into the past shows Ajay as the sincere officer who lives off his suit case and is perpetual and perilous danger to the awe of his wife Hasini (Kajal Agarwal).

On a mission he runs into Natasha (Akshara Hasan) who is a professional hacker. The story is about how Ajay Kumar overcomes every villain in the plot with brawl, brain muscle technology and native skill.

This Ajith Siva outing is simply over the top and so filled in gadget sales and cliché mongering that you yawn as they fight. Why would an intelligent actor be blind to the screaming faults of the film that is in fact kid stuff for the adult and adult nonsense for kids? Karunakaran tries hard to introduce some humour in a film intended to only show case Ajith.

Oberoi is hardly the villain you want in this scale of a film. All the wisdom in the title. In the film there is very little Vivekam.