Vast Vistas

By Author   |   Published: 3rd Sep 2017   12:01 am Updated: 3rd Sep 2017   1:20 am

The pictures were taken at various places in India and Nepal. What appealed to me in all the places was how the sky seemed very close to us and the clouds created a unique landscape where distinguishing between the sky and land became impossible. It was a joy to capture small villages, where people live a simple life planting what they eat and caring for the farm animals, seemingly content with their lot. They have their own law where the first rule is “to help each other”. One tends to become like them in a matter of days, you are like them: smiling all the time.

Boga Manideep is a photographer born and bought up in Hyderabad. He completed his graduation in BTech from Vardhaman College of Engineering in 2015. He calls himself a creative photographer with a passion for travel photography. He is a part-time traveller, who has travelled from north to south in the country.

Boga Manideep

Camera Model: Canon 600D
Season: Varied