Things to keep in mind to avoid fallouts in relationships

Respect is the greatest and most important gift you can give your partner.

By Author   |   Published: 23rd Sep 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 24th Sep 2017   12:01 am

Disagreements are part of human nature and in the times we are living in, people, irrespective of their gender, have become more vocal about their opinions. Clash in opinion is one of the most common problems faced by the couples, especially in long-term relationships. As partners get more and more comfortable with each other, the communication between them also gets easier. That is where it is necessary to keep these few things in mind to avoid fallout.

Share the responsibility
Blaming is the easiest thing to do, but relationship is all about walking together, isn’t it? Hence, phrases like “The problem is never me, it’s always you,” can escalate the argument. Taking equal responsibility of the disagreement can help you to encounter the problem in a better and effective way without hurting each other.

Attack your disagreement…
… and not each other. Disagreements are fine, and arguments too, but you should never forget that your partner is in your team. Try to keep focus on the problem. Don’t deviate, and personal attack is big NO! Respect is the greatest and most important gift you can give your partner. Support each other by listening to one another out, because it’s all about reaching to the conclusion ‘together’.

Communication is the key
It’s good to play the guessing game and fun to drop hints for the other, but do remember your partner is not a mind reader. So, speak out what you want them to understand. At the same time, don’t try to be a mind reader yourself. Listen to your partner to understand and not to reply. Judging each other is the worst thing you can do to your relationship, so try to open your ears and mind for your partner’s concerns and opinions without being judgmental.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to agree with each other on everything. So, don’t waste time trying to change each other’s mind. Accepting one another with all their ideas is far more important than proving yourself right.