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By Author   |   Published: 8th Jan 2017   12:05 am Updated: 10th Jan 2017   1:27 pm
Insect Photography
Shutter Speed: 1/250   | ISO: 100 | Aperture: 2.8 | Wide Angle: 100MM

Insect macros are usually tricky, and need lots of patience to click. However I made up my mind to shoot close-up pictures of frogs, small mammals and insects on my trip to Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve an avian sanctuary in UK. As it was autumn the place was full of spiders which make excellent models for my pictures. 

I saw this Cross Orb-weaver sitting quietly at the edge of its web and I decided to shoot a close-up of it. Just then, a Marsh Crane fly flew in and got trapped in the web. That’s when the drama started and I got more than what I was hoping for!

Shreedhar Mechri

Shreedhar Mechri

Camera: Canon 7D

Season: Autumn

Shot on: 1 October, 2011

Shreedhar is a Bengaluru-based photographer. For him photography has become a medium to learn about the environment. He was interested in all kinds of photography since childhood and experimented with different cameras such as Praktica, Nikon, Pentax and Canon. Before taking up photography fulltime, Shreedhar was an IT professional who worked with various investment banks in London. Now he conducts workshops for all age groups in varied subjects.