Sweat it out with, cardio

Working out rigorously is the new trend and young techies are loving it in and out.

By Author   |   Published: 17th Jan 2017   11:04 pm Updated: 17th Jan 2017   8:11 pm
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With the fitness boom on the rise, the youngsters are now looking out for high-intensity regimes like cardio. Many of them are preferring activities like plyometrics, body combat workout and many other dynamic total-body exercises to burn those extra calories.

While spending money to have ‘fun’ might seem preposterous to many, fitness fanatics are ready to shell out for these have-fun-while-you-lose-weight workouts.

As the name suggests, cardio exercise is something that raises your heart rate. Whatever we do, eat or exercise is to keep ourselves fit and this is what makes muscles stronger for an efficient and healthy body. 

Ashwin Reddy, a software engineer from IBM says that high-intensity interval workouts like cardio help us burn more calories in a shorter period. The young fitness freak feels that it should not be practised everyday as a spike in your heart rate isn’t healthy. “It helps in improving stamina and tolerance for pain, which increases the athletic performance,” the 25-year old.

Topping the list of fitness fads in the recent times, cardio has made its place into the city’s gyms. Working out rigorously is the new trend and young techies love sweating it out. Skipping ropes, rowing simulators and heavy weights are the new high and low intensity workouts.

A fitness trainer for about a decade, K Naveen, Fit n fine gym, Secunderabad says that cardio is now a part of youngster’s life. The 40-year- old believes that it has really revolutionised the idea of fitness. He feels that repeating the same workout in a gym restricts one’s potential and doesn’t prepare you for the physical challenges. “I tell my clients to not to skip the workout and always try something because that will definitely make them feel better,” he adds.

Y Karan, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, says that he decided to start cardio training to get out of an exercise rut. The 23- year-old believes different workout regimen every day gives a sense of adventure. “I am working on my whole body instead of focusing on a particular muscle or movement,” he adds.