Steps to make a good impression with your letters

By Author   |   Published: 23rd Sep 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 24th Sep 2017   12:01 am

Are you a person who gets upset when you receive a badly written letter? It may not bother everyone, but there are some people who want their letters also to be properly written. And for such people it is disturbing to see a badly presented and formatted letter. It may be a personal or professional one.

Looking at the letter, the person reading it will make an impression about you. And it is always important to make a good impression. So, here are a few rules that you need to keep in mind when you are writing a letter. These rules are the basics for any letter.

Greeting and salutation
It is always good to start a letter with ‘dear’ along with their last name. This is best way to start a letter, if you are writing to them for the first time. Once you get acquainted with them, you can always start it with their name or anything else that you prefer. One should leave almost two-line spacing after the salutation or greeting. If it is a personal letter, you can use a comma after the salutation and name. This is the first thing anyone would read in the letter and always try to start it on a good note.

Body text
Make the body text as conversational as possible. It is advisable to avoid phrases like ‘please find the enclosed’ and anything else that is outdated. These days, letters are not meant to sound very formal. But one should keep in mind not to beat about the bush and begin and end the conversation in a cordial manner. Keep the body text short and simple, and convey all the information that you want to in it. It is better to separate each paragraph with a two-line space.

Just like the beginning, even the ending of the letter is important. Always finish the letter in the most cordial manner. If it is for someone close, you can end with phrases like love, best wishes, lots of love and cheers, and if it is a professional one, end it with ‘Thanks & Regards’ or ‘Best regards’. Always remember to leave about four to five lines of space for signature.