Standing majestic since 1924

If you think Telangana lacks historical churches, think again! Zoom off to the Medak church which is just 110 km north of Hyderabad.

By Author   |   RaahieWay   |   Published: 22nd Jan 2017   12:02 am Updated: 22nd Jan 2017   11:10 am
Magnificent façade: This gothic style structure is one of the largest churches in the country with beautiful stained glass work depicting various scenes from Christ’s life.

Built by the British Wesleyan Methodists in the early 20s, the Medak church is now under the jurisdiction of the Church of South India, with the biggest attraction being its stained glass windows depicting different scenes from Christ’s life – Ascension behind the altar, Nativity in the west transept, and Crucifixion in the east transept.

The winding roads through the picturesque Narsapur forest gave us abundant fresh air away from the city, lots of soothing greenery to the eyes, the occasional wildlife sightings and hundreds of monkeys looking at us eagerly for food surely raised the bar of our sojourn as we were left with a ‘feel good’ factor all through our way and back.

With colourful fields of maize and sugarcane on either sides of the road, the journey to our destination left us exhilarated. Adding more dash of colour to the already interesting landscape were the brick kilns and huts built on stilts, which would make any ‘selfie junkie’ want to go out there and click a whole lot of selfies! (Yes, we did exactly that). On our way to the destination, we did expect crowds at the church as it was a weekend and we weren’t disappointed. It sure was worth a ride all the way…

The small souvenir stores at the entrance were as colourful as they could be and the friendly shopkeepers made sure that you would leave with a handful of rosaries, pocket calendars and other items. These stores are definitely something to look out for.

Medak Church

Though there are a few places serving local food, we did manage to stumble up on a place right outside the church, which, to our amusement, sold dishes we had never heard of – “chicken 85” and “chicken 95”.

Hotel Chandra Bhavan is definitely a place to look out for if you are someone who is game for trying unconventional chicken dishes. The place serves decent vegetarian food as well, with a good ambience and fine dining for families.

If the church was amazing, the Pocharam dam-wildlife sanctuary and the Medak Fort stood out as interesting spots as well. At a distance of 15 km from the church, the Pocharam dam and wildlife sanctuary gave us glimpses of a large variety of birds. The sanctuary, we were told, is also home to panthers, sloth bears, wild boar, and chinkaras.

On the other hand, the fort built in the 12th century by the Kakatiya rulers atop a hill, gave us glimpses of the glory of the area. The 17th century 3.2 metre-long cannon, with a trident etched on it, stands out as a major attraction.

As the town of Medak, with its church and fort, holds great significance in the history and culture of Telangana, it is a must visit for travel enthusiasts and will leave none disappointed!

The best time to visit the town is during Christmas and Easter as there are scores of people flocking the exhibitions that are organized at the place. Do visit the town during the festive time and experience the pomp!

Travel Tips

  • Look out for monkeys on the church premises
  • Wearing shorts and short dresses won’t be appreciated by the security staff
  • Take out some time to shop at the small stores
  • No photography inside the church


City: Hyderabad (110kms)

Airport: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (136.2kms)

Railway Station: Mirzapalli (25kms)