Shadow Play

By Author   |   Published: 31st Dec 2016   11:02 pm Updated: 31st Dec 2016   6:44 pm
Street Photography
Shutter speed: 1/125 | ISO: 200 | Aperture: 11 | Wide angle: 13 MM

I was exploring Taj Mahal and its surrounding areas in Agra when I shot this. Hoping to get some early morning scenes, I was passing by this huge tree when I observed its shadow on the opposite wall. It was quite an effect with the dark silhouette of the tree juxtaposed with the yellow rays of the rising sun.

As the sun started rising, other elements started appearing on my viewfinder, a man walked in and stood against the wall. After some time, a cow came sauntering in and stood there. Suddenly, there were many elements in the frame all existing in harmony. It was a perfect frame.

Sreesailam Pasupula

Camera: NIKON D300
Season: Summer
Shot on: March 11, 2012

Sreesailam Pasupula is a Mumbai-based photographer hailing from Aziz Nagar, Telangana. He received his master craftsman diploma in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging in 2010. Since then, he has been travelling extensively in India taking pictures of Indian culture and people.

Sreesailam’s work as a travel and documentary photographer has earned him more than 30 international photography awards including the grand prize in Lonely Planet World Contest.