Rekha Rana: Taking the road less travelled

On a brief two-day visit to Hyderabad, Rekha Rana shares some of her experiences as an actor with Telangana Today.

By Author   |   Published: 18th Jan 2017   11:05 pm
Rekha Rana
Rekha Rana.

Hyderabad: Taking the less trodden path to stardom seems to have become a habit for actor Rekha Rana, whose movie ‘Yahan Ameena Bikti Hain’ is vying for an entry to the best foreign language film category for the upcoming Oscars from the Central African Country- Cameroon.

Instead of the conventional ‘path’ to movie stardom starting from television, then perhaps a couple of South Indian films and then trying out Hindi movies in Mumbai, the actor chose theatre and New York Film Academy (NYFA) to sharpen her acting chops.

On a brief two-day visit to Hyderabad, Rekha Rana shares some of her experiences as an actor with Telangana Today.

How did the Oscar nomination happen?

The movie ‘Yahan Ameena Bikti Hain’, which incidentally is based on a girl from Hyderabad, has been produced and directed by Kumar Raj along with some other collaborators in Cameroon. The film also happened to be the first ever to be sent by Cameroon in the best foreign film category. The woman-oriented drama has come out really well and has been well received at several movie festivals.

What are the other interesting projects in the pipeline?

I have just completed shooting for a suspense thriller ‘Black September’, directed by Hemant Nimil Das. The unique part of the movie is that it is a single-take or one-take feature film and I incidentally play the role of a South Indian superstar. The film is expected to hit the film festival circuit very soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have also done a music video ‘Bounce’ with hip hop star from Cameroon Stanley Enow, which is very interesting.

Was it a deliberate move to take such a different route in films?

Nothing has been planned for me, except for the fact that from childhood I wanted to become an actor. After my schooling in Delhi, I immediately joined theatre and worked with Dinesh Thakur and have done over 200 theatre shows with his production. For me, personally, the journey has been extraordinary. During a theatre show, I got in touch with director and producer Kumar Raj who offered me a role in movies. It just happened that my earlier movie ‘Tara’ too got recognised at several international movie festivals.

Word of advice for youngsters trying to break into acting

There is no replacement for hard work in any field. Often, I have seen people not respecting success when it comes too easily. Whatever be the difficulties, there will be people who tend to discourage and talk negative, but one should never lose focus of what they want to do in their lives.