Recycle your way to quirky accessories

Give your worn out clothes a facelift and make them useful

By Author   |   Published: 2nd Oct 2017   11:31 pm Updated: 3rd Oct 2017   12:58 am
quirky accessories

While it is a good idea to donate clothes, be it new or old, worn out, stained or turned, it is also an equally good idea to recycle them and give them a facelift. Use this opportunity to unleash your creativity and make cute, quirky items.


Clothes are the best recycled into, well, clothes! While an old pair of jeans can turn into sexy shorts, the oversized t-shirt can be made into a dress, or even midi skirt. Sometimes, adding accessories like lace, mirror shards (ensure they do not have sharp edges) or beads can bring out stunning results.

Pillow cases

Why stop at quilt when you can also make pillow covers? Make matching, or even contrasting pillow covers out of the clothes. Smaller pieces of clothes can be used to make cushion covers. Ensure the quotes and pictures, if any; come properly on one side if not on either sides.


If it’s just a few t-shirts or old scarfs, stitch them together to get a brand new scarf. Try to choose those pieces that have patterns, quotes or pictures and work around the colours.


Collect all those worn out clothes that cannot possibly be made into any other clothing item. Cut out the good pieces and stitch them together to create a quirky quilt for your bed. While nothing adds charms like miscellaneous pieces of clothes can, you can also choose cloth pieces based on a theme and work around it.


If you are bored of carrying the same kind of bags everywhere, here is your chance to twist the tale. It is easy to make bags out of jeans, t-shirts or skirts. Add accessories as you please and make a unique piece to create a fashion statement. Now, even if you don’t want to flaunt it, it can be used to store things.