Raise a toast, with strangers

Join the first pub crawl today and go bottoms up with your new buddies.

By Author   |   Published: 20th Jan 2017   1:00 am Updated: 20th Jan 2017   9:55 am
Tiki Shack, Jubilee Hills. Photo: By Arrangement

Tired of raising a toast with your friends in the same mundane manner? Did you ever consider saying cheers with people you haven’t met before? Yes, this is the new trend making an entry into the Hyderabadi pub arena. Gearing up for the first-ever pub crawl event for Friday evening are a super-excited bunch of pub-hoppers and pub owners who can’t stop raving about this new wave. 

The brainchild of Rudd Buddy, pub crawl has never happened in the city. So, Hyderabad is going to experience something new which may soon become a hot-and-happening trend thanks to the overwhelming response. So, let’s break down the concept for you. Here is what people do at a pub crawl: a group of strangers hop to various pubs across the city and socialise over drinks. Sounds interesting? 

Playing a perfect host, Tiki Shack, a well-known pub in the city, is all set to be the first stop. Karan Mor, Owner of Tiki Shack, says that there’s more to city pubs than just this trend but it’ll be a big boost to the hospitality industry. “It is something new and we are looking forward to it,” he adds. Karan shares that it will be interesting to see people from different walks of life coming together to share some happy moments. He feels that pubs should be open to adapt to any trend that’s fast catching up.

N Mihir, who is keen to be part of the pub crawl, says that it will be a platform to meet several like-minded people. He feels that gatherings like these will prove that age is just a number. “It will be a great opportunity to socialise and make new friends,” he adds. Mihir says that people should come with an open mind to enjoy these sessions thoroughly. “Can’t wait for the evening, I don’t know what is the plan and how the evening is going to unfold,” he adds.

Another stop on the crawl is Free Flow, another prominent pub in Hyderabad. Naren from Free Flow says that this is a new trend and until it kick-starts, nobody knows how is it going to be. “Like everyone else, I am also waiting to see what is it going to be,” says Naren who feels trends come and go, but only some click with people.

K Prem, a software engineer, says that he is looking forward to making some good memories. He mentions that it is going to be a different experience as he would be interacting with strangers over drinks for the first time. “I want to go with an open mind and want to socialise with everyone I can,” he adds.