Prep up for travelling overseas

Check out a few travel tips to empower yourself, if this is your first time going abroad

By Author   |   Published: 23rd Sep 2017   11:30 pm
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Arm yourself with some handy tips to overcome barriers when you travel to unknown destinations overseas, says expert.

Abhishek Ranjan, vice-president of digital wallet company Paytm, has tips for people travelling overseas.

* In this digital-savvy world, we have everything we ought to know, on the internet. Yes, from tips to overcoming different barriers, visiting picture galleries, and accessing travel blogs, reviews, etc., everything is out there. So, get researching and a plan will fall into place.

* Download a language and translation app like Duolingo. This would help you understand the basics and give you the much-needed confidence.

* Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours — talk to anyone who travels often and get some advice. You would not just get an idea about where to go and what to see, but they would also prepare you for scenarios that you may have to face.

* Get money exchange done beforehand and set yourself a budget. Know how much you are supposed to spend per day and stick to your plan to avoid running out of money. Also, ensure that you have international transactions activated on your debit/credit card, if travelling overseas.