Nick Grimshaw redeems himself for every episode

The radio show presenter says he is rubbish at his job and is not a good host.

By Author   |   Published: 4th Oct 2017   9:22 pm
Nick Grimshaw arriving at The Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2012, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
File Photo: Radio Presenter Nick Grimshaw

Nick Grimshaw has said there are some days when he does not do a good job as a host. The 33-year-old Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter said he knows he can redeem himself on the next episode of the show.

“Certain days you’re like, God, I’m rubbish at this! But the great thing is, you can do it again the next day,” Grimshaw said.

The host said he had invited many bigwigs on his show and there have been times they were not in a good mood, like the one time Justin Bieber was tired.

“He was like, I’m tired! and I was like, We’re all tired!, he was not even pretending that he was not being grumpy,” he said.