Music tourism in India has changed for better, says experts

By Author   |   Published: 2nd Oct 2017   6:42 pm
Music Tourism In India

Music tourism in India is increasing with people flocking popular unconventional destinations that reflect culture, heritage and tourist ethos, says an industry expert.

“The Indian music festivals at tourist destinations are seeing a rapid growth signaling the arrival of music tourism. India now boasts of more than 20 big ticketed music festivals which are eligible to compete with their global counterparts,” Vineet Sharma, Associate Marketing Director (India), AB Inbev, said. He added, “Music tourism in Indian context includes music and dance events at popular unconventional destinations that reflects culture, heritage and tourist ethos. As the winter festival season is around the corner, big brands are aiming at playing bigger roles as opposed to being just title sponsors.”

Sharma looks after the business of Budweiser — which presented the second edition of the India Nightlife Convention and Awards (INCA) on Saturday and Sunday in Mumbai. Nightlife in India has also changed for the better over the last few years owing to the emergence of bars.

“Nightlife in Indian cities has seen a significant change over the last few years owing to the emergence of bars and venues curating new and diverse offerings for their discerning consumers,” Kartikeya Sharma, Marketing Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev India and South East Asia, said.