Mobile welcome

By Author   |   Published: 25th Dec 2016   1:12 am Updated: 24th Dec 2016   10:25 pm

The vastness of this country has often been remarked upon, but nothing conveys the fact more effectively than a long-distance train journey. Reminders of this expanse register themselves in a variety of ways—changes of landscape, terrain, flora … And, in a gadget-driven age there are also the beeps of the mobile phone, followed by messages from the service provider: “X welcomes you to Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi.” On the trip back, the roll call of states is reversed.

Hi tech Age: Train journeys are incomplete without the welcome messages of service providers.

Finally, you experience an indescribable thrill when the screen flashes: “X welcomes you to Telangana State.” That roaming charges are offputting is a different matter—what’s most important is that however much and wherever you roam there’s nothing like getting back home!