Make fitness your daily routine

Everyday activities can serve to be an effective way to stay active

By Author   |   Published: 4th Oct 2017   8:53 pm

Fitness is not a realisation that must dawn upon you one fine day in your youth – although it is always better than never. It is the best to incorporate fitness into the routine from childhood, so that it becomes a habit healthy and worth cherishing. Here is how you can inspire kids to stay fit and fantastic.

Set an example

It is impossible to drag your kid out of the comfort zone and inspire them to stay active, if you, yourself aren’t active. Set an example by following a healthy routine and it will naturally influence your kid too. Ensure you are your kid’s best company in terms of staying healthy.

Everyday activities

Fitness can be easily blended into everyday activities. For example, make them walk or cycle to tuition class, school, library or for shopping to nearby places. Make them take your dog out for a walk. Ask for their help in cleaning the house compound or gardening, which will demand some physical exertion.

Encourage them

If the kid is into dancing or any sports activity encourage them. Make space for them in the house to practice dancing. Provide them training. Enroll them for coaching in football, cricket, kabaddi, or any other sport of their interest.

Group games

Group activities are always fun and hence the most motivating in staying fit. Gather kids in your locality or allot some time for you kid to play with their friends outdoor. Introduce new games to them. However, keep an eye on them as well.