Jai Lava Kusa: Worth an outing

By Author   |   Published: 21st Sep 2017   10:48 pm
Jai Lava Kusa
The film is a complete feast for NTR fans.

A tale of three brothers – not separated at birth but when young. So you have triplets aiming at giving the audience three times the confusion of a general double-role movie (a la Ramudu Bheemudu and Hello Brother). KS Ravindra tries something new with a triple role rather than the tested success formula of a double role.

The movie starts with the uncle of the three brothers Dibbala Rao (Posani) ridiculing Jai (eldest) for his stammer. The family earns a living by playing the famous story of Lava Kusa. While Lava and Kusa get all the accolades, Jai feels ignored and is ill-treated everywhere. During a rendition of a play, Jai has had enough causing a fire and an explosion.

Kusa (NTR) is a thief with dreams of settling in the USA. His dreams crash when PM Narendra Modi announces ‘demonetisation’. Frustrated and driving in anger, he crashes into a car driven by his lookalike twin Lava (NTR – again!!).

Lava is a naive bank manager in search of a traditional life partner. Helping him in the task is Priya (Raashi Khanna). She finds one and during the engagement, Lava proposes to Priya. Rejected and depressed, he is on the road heading to the car crash.

Kusa now traps liquor baron (Pradeep Rawant) and makes him believe that the new 2,000 currency notes would be banned within a day and takes Rs 5 crore from him and flees. Time for the law to step in with the tale of mistaken identity. The police come knocking on Lava’s doorstep. He is arrested by the CI (Sai Kumar) who later reveals that he is not a CI but Kaka, the right-hand man of Ravana Maharaj aka Jai (the third and final NTR). Kaka informs Lava and Kusa that it was their elder brother who kidnapped their respective loves (Lava’s Priya and Kusa’s money) and takes them to meet Jai.

Jai grows up becoming a Don of sorts, joins hands with the MP of the area Sarkar (Ronit Roy). Ravan also finds his romantic interest in Simran (Nivedita Thomas).

NTR as Ravan carries the movie on his shoulders. Raashi Khanna and Niveda Thomas are added to the cast to give colour and not meaty roles. If you are a NTR fan, love lots of fights with bodies flying around and nothing much to do this festive season, this is worth an outing. Time NTR did something more than just cater to the perceived expectations of his fans.