iPhone losing charm due to high prices

Lack of innovation, high prices are the major factors that are discouraging people from buying iPhones.

By Author   |   Published: 2nd Oct 2017   6:29 pm

After a cold response at the doors of Apple corporate resellers for the latest iPhones — iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, smartphone users have said the lack of innovation coupled with high price of the devices have affected their decision to buy the flagship models. The iPhone 8 64GB costs Rs 64,000 while the 256GB variant will be available for Rs 77,000. The iPhone 8 Plus starts at Rs 73,000 for 64GB while the 256GB variant will cost Indian users Rs 86,000.

The iPhone X, which marks the 10th anniversary of the device, will be launched in India on November 3 and will cost the users Rs 89,000 (64 GB model) and Rs 1.02 lakh (256 GB).

“I am not buying this iPhone 8. It has got a hefty price tag with no or less innovation. It is not a value-for-money product,” Sidharath Arya, who came to check the latest iPhones. He said he would rather go for Android devices as they are better when it comes to bringing fresh features aboard.

Another heavy smartphone user, Gaurav Sharma, said he would not buy an iPhone 8 because even Apple is not sure of its innovation in this device. “Apple made iPhone 8 obsolete in a matter of minutes by announcing ultra-expensive iPhone X. The A11 Bionic chip is powerful, but

Apple, known for its innovation, has not done anything great in the latest flgaship. There are several other factors that pursue people to buy a device. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have them,” he added. A similar response was noticed in the US after reviewers spoke less of the device’s innovation earlier this month and the queues outside Apple stores were shorter than previous years.