Hyderabad youngsters make it big in India Film Project competition

Ranga Deva bagged the third prize among over 1,500 other entries.

By Author   |   Published: 5th Oct 2017   12:51 am
Hyderabad Youngsters India Film Project Competition

India Film Project is a pan Asia competition, which is held  every year for young filmmakers throughout Asia, to prove their talent. While there are more than 29 thousand entries that have
reached the organisers, only 1500 have been considered. Among those, Ranga Deva, directed
by a young filmmaker from Hyderabad and his group of technicians has reached the top third place. 

Directed by Harikanth, the music was composed by Kamran, executive produced by Deepak Reddy, whereas Vincent Praveen was the line producer of the film. “We wanted to take part in
this competition from last year and were just waiting for the notifications. If there was a chance
to send whatever we want to, we could have shot the film long back. But, the organisers of the
competition declare a theme and within the given time, the film has be shot and sent. With
around 20 people actively taking part, shooting of the film was completed in 40 hours,” said
Vincent. While the winners were announced on September 30 and October 1 in a grand event organised in Mumbai, the competition was held just a week before. These youngsters have
been part of many projects from Hyderabad that have gone viral on social media.

“We received call from the organisers one fine day and we were informed that our film was one
among the top 10. So they asked to come to Mumbai for the final announcement. Even after reaching there, we were not sure about reaching the top 5. But later, when the title of our film was displayed on the screen, our happiness had no boundaries. We are happy to win the
third place and we had been waiting for such a moment from a long time. Thanks to all who cooperated with us in making it big,” Vincent added.