Quirkiness is the credo here

With two-thirds of our day spent at work, some companies go an extra mile in keeping their employees happy, check out one such work place.

By Author   |   Published: 31st Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 24th Feb 2017   5:46 pm
Hyderabad Happy Offices
Photos: Surya Sridhar.

After a tiresome ride through the high-density traffic zone from Banjara Hills to Madhapur, the fresh and mild citrus lime air freshener makes us forget the fatigue we feel as we enter the Pegasystems office. Situated between the high-rises in Raheja Mind Space, it’s easy to forget that one is in Hyderabad or for that matter anywhere else. It’s like one is in a very secure cocoon just filled with beauty. All the walls here are painted with elements that make Hyderabad the city it is. There is a sepia-toned Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace, and tombs that reflect the glorious history of the twin cities. 

The reception area features a logo of a horse with wings which, according to the employees, comes from the game of chess, a favourite of the founder-CEO, Alan Trefler. The interiors are a fusion of Indian and western decor. English and Hindi slogans dot the walls intermittently according to the instructions of the company’s MD Suman Reddy who wanted a liberal dose of Hyderabadi as well.

Hyderabad Happy Offices

Casual environs

The vibe is casual and light which is enhanced by the strategically placed potted plants between each cabin partition. Doing away with formal conference rooms, there is a corner allocated after every three or four cabins where the team can have quick, impromptu meetings. Since typing away at the desk can get tiresome, an employee can just walk down to any of the work café areas which house coffee and tea machines, and catch some news on the telly for a quick break. Alternatively, they can catch up on their work lounging in the comfy chairs or swings placed around the office and relax.

Hyderabad Happy Offices
Employees in a meeting at one of the colorfully decorated corners. Photos: Surya Sridhar.

“Most of the software company employees start their day very early to reach their offices on time. For this, they need to get up early and cook and drive in peak traffic. Since that can get exhausting after a while, the company provides the employees free transport and free food which is of four star hotel quality. Almost 800 employees have their lunch here every day.

Some of them even eat breakfast as well. Another feature of the dining hall is, it is a dining-cum-conference hall which is equipped with cameras so any of the programmes organised on the premises can be watched across all Pega offices across the globe,” shares Suman.

Apart from all these employee-friendly initiatives, CSR activities and team building programmes, Pegasystems also conducts and encourages kid’s day, parent’s day, karaoke singing. The best part is if one is bored of working for a while, an employee can just walk into the recreation room where they can play golf, snookers, frizzbee, carrom, X-Box and the CEO’s favorite game, chess. For most employees, the Pegasystems office is like their second home. And many believe that while it may be tough to get in, it’s much tougher to leave.