Here’s how to wash your gloves

It can be quite a task, but these hacks will help you well.

By Author   |   Published: 17th Jan 2017   11:05 pm Updated: 17th Jan 2017   8:15 pm
Fitness gloves
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Tired of buying new gym gloves every other month? Well, you never had to. How come, you ask? The leather/Velcro mix of a fitness glove, when drenched in sweat, does stink and become perennially wet-like. But you can always wash them – a thing most of us should do but never think about, since gloves hardly come in packages that carry usage guidelines. Take a look at what to do:

Sink it in
In a proper washing sink or utensil, fill up warm water and leave your gloves in for a good ten minutes. This will be like a preliminary round, which does take care of a good part of the cleaning. Leave the gloves as you wear them first, then inside out for another ten minutes.

Dirty your hands
Next, you clean the grime out of the gloves with your hands or using a blunt blade. Squeeze them hard and use a little bit of your regular leather product cleaner to get all the dirt out.

Hang it up
Hang up the pair without drying it in your washing machine. Don’t get too smart and blow dry it either. Just hang them up, indoors, and under a fan run at normal speed the gloves would dry up without losing shape. That is to say, they’ll neither shrink nor look funny.