Go goody geek chic

The nerd look is on the roll now and men are nailing it big time.

By Author   |   Published: 16th Jan 2017   11:40 pm Updated: 16th Jan 2017   8:23 pm

Fashion is an ever so dynamic industry that sometimes the trends that surface can surprise us. Geek and nerd were terms which were once associated to boring people, but the geek chic trend now tops the fashion charts. Here are a few tips for men to nail the look.

Cool tees
Stacking up your wardrobe with graphic t-shirts is one of the first steps towards sporting this style. Get t-shirts with cool quotes, comic book characters and witty references to science or maths. Get some plain t-shirts as well, for they work well while pairing up.

The nerd look will forever be incomplete without glasses. Choose thick-rimmed glasses and experiment with different shapes like round and rectangle, different colours and prints as well. Vintage frames are also in vogue now.

This is also signature geek chic clothing. Pair your cardigan with polo t-shirts, plain bold coloured, as well as printed t-shirts. You can pair it with shirts as well.

Shoes play an important role in nailing any look. Converse is the safest footwear to go for if you want to pull off the geek chic style. It looks casual and trendy and has a huge variety to choose from.

Although backpacks also look great, a sling bag is the best choice to go for. Get badges and pin them to your bag’s strap.

Apart from jeans, which can go with any style, another option is Corduroy trousers. Green, olive, khaki and grey are the popular colour choices.