Getting a taste of Google Tez

Google app is ideal for slower networks, smaller cities

By Author   |   Published: 3rd Oct 2017   12:05 am Updated: 3rd Oct 2017   6:50 pm
Google Tez
The app does not seek personal or financial information.

The demonetisation drive by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has opened the floodgates for mobile wallets and other digital payment apps. While the first name that comes to mind is Paytm, the UPI (Unified Payment Interface) based digital payment apps like BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) and Google Tez have further simplified digital payments.

Google Tez: Not another mobile wallet!

Unlike apps like Paytm and Mobikwik, Google Tez is not a mobile wallet, so you don’t need to pre-load it with funds from your bank account. Like BHIM, Google smartly uses UPI to facilitate transactions between people through account number, QR code, Audio QR code or phone number. Google has a good chance of being the chosen app as it can cash upon its already huge customer base. Moreover, the Google Tez app occupies just about 7 MB, making it ideal for slower networks, possibly in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

How does Google Tez work?

Using account details: To use Google Tez, you have to associate your phone number and bank account with the app. You can go ahead with your transaction in the traditional way, using the account number of the person you are transacting with along with their IFSC code.

Using UPI ID: Alternatively, you can pay or receive money by using the UPI ID of the person you are going to transact with.

Using phone number: The beauty of Tez is that you don’t need the UPI ID of the person you are going to transact with. You can get the job done just by using their phone number.

Using QR code: You can scan the QR code of the person and type in the amount of the transaction.

Using cash mode: Where Google stands out of the bunch of digital payments apps is in the usage of audio QR code. Your Google Tez can send and receive money with Tez users in your vicinity through an ultrasonic audio QR which it generates every time you use the Cash Mode. Following that, Tez brings up a list of all the users in your vicinity from which you can select. This is a most seamless way to pay or receive as it does not require personal or financial information. This feature is likely to be a big hit as you make payments to your grocer, maid, milkman or watchman.

Other talking points about Google Tez according to androidcentral:

Regional presence: Though English is the default language on Google Tez, you can set your regional language preference to Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. This alone ensures that Google will reach a bigger customer base than its counterparts in digital payments space.

Works with prominent banks: Tez works with all the banks registered with the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) over the UPI platform. This includes 55 prominent Indian banks and the list is likely to grow. Some banks that are not registered may use the payment gateway of registered banks.

Online payments and transaction limits: To ensure that Google Tez is most comprehensive in its functionality, it also allows making online payments. Though the list of businesses is short at the moment, it is a matter of time before more join. However, as Tez uses UPI, the transaction limits for the platform apply when using the service, which means a daily transaction limit of 1 lakh across 20 transactions.

What lies ahead for Google Tez?

At the moment, Google is leaving no stone unturned in enticing customers to use Google Tez. Instead of spending money on advertising and coupons and other kind of offers, Google has opted for a cashback plan: it is offering a cashback of Rs 51 for every user you refer to the platform the moment that user makes his first payment. The amount may not be much, but it gets people talking. By coming up with multiple options to put it to use, it is set to take the digital payments world by storm.