Get noticed and hired

Here’s how to get the ticket to your dream job in place.

By Author   |   Published: 13th Jan 2017   11:22 pm Updated: 13th Jan 2017   9:26 pm

Sumukh Metha, a 21-year-old from Bangalore was selected for a six-month paid internship at GQ after he submitted a 20-page resume that looked like the magazine. You would have read about him by now and must be thinking how to go about your own resume to get hired. First impression is the best impression and it is important to nail it. Creating a resume that stands out is your first challenge to secure a job for yourself. Read along to collect some tips that one should be mindful about.

Keep personal details short
It is better to limit your personal details since it will only consume space and time. So stick to your name, contact number, email ID, your website (if any), and current place of residence (optional). “Remember that everything you include in your resume should be authentic,” says Animesh Mukherjee, senior manager, Hexagon Capability Centre India.

Proficiency & ability portfolio
This is where your recruiters will be interested most. This should be rich in information about your strengths, skills, hobbies, languages you speak and so on. Personalise the resume by relating your expertise with the company you are applying for.

“Give a brief overview of where you worked previously and what you did; job description is necessary,” says Animesh. Conclude it with what more you can add or change in the new working space that you may enter.

About me
Introduce yourself through this, so that your employers can have an idea about who you are and what are your potentials. Make sure not to repeat anything you have mentioned in the earlier parts.

Give a makeover
Animesh says, “Gone are the days when resumes were limited to just two to three pages, add more details and keep it interesting”. You can flavour it by using colours, attaching your articles or projects, and supplementing it with pictures. You can even add a cover page. What you add as extra should complement the job you are applying for; otherwise, you will be wasting their time.