A Gentleman: A miss on narrative front

Film: A Gentleman; Director: Raj and DK; Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Darshan Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Hussain Dalal, Supriya Pilgaonkar;

By Author   |   Published: 26th Aug 2017   2:54 pm
Sidharth Malhotra A Gentleman
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There is something amiss about this narrative. You would believe that apart from it being an old story of look a likes and heists, car chases and romance it could still be good given the scale and the stars who give it their best shot. However, but for a few punctuated moments when you can all but giggle a tad, the film fails to take off. What could have been designed as a strategic placement of two parallel guys at work, it is at best exculpating in style, not appreciative.

Gaurav and Rishi (Siddharth Malhotra) are as different as chalk is from cheese. While Gaurav is that straight ambitious guy who is hoping to settle down in life with a wife, two kids and has ticked off the home in his bucket list, Rishi is the dare devil guy somewhere in Asia working for Unit X headed by Colonel (Suniel Shetty) alongside Yakub (Darshan Kumar). He is out there breaking bones when not shooting policemen out of existence or junking vehicles. There is Kavya who is conveniently sponging on Gaurav and not before long the paths of Gaurav and Rishi have to meet. There ain’t not much suspense about the look alikes and for a long while you feel like screaming stop to the meaningless chase.

Before long we have the chase and hunt for a hard disc which is with the hero and we have his former colleague and friend Yakub designing juvenile plans to reach out and snatch it for Colonel who has a few secrets to be hidden in the disc. So, we have a set of goons at large trying to decipher whether Gaurav and Rishi are the same guy even as Kavya is shocked at the hidden talents of the hitherto boring boyfriend.

What simply does not work for the film is Sid. While he carries that famous awkward gait that made Big B famous in the initial days of his career (Ek Nazar Gehri Chaal, Raaste Ka Pathar…) he lacks the persona to carry the script. He fights hard to get into two skins while it would be difficult to do one at a time. In contrast, it is Jacqueline who adds some fizz to the goings on, otherwise like many gentleman, this Gentleman is too gentle, too boring.