Are you game for Woga?

Water yoga instructor Dr Mani Pavithra breaks down the benefits of the Aquatic activity

By Author   |   Published: 24th Sep 2017   12:09 am Updated: 24th Sep 2017   12:13 am
Dr Mani Pavithra during a water yoga session.

In all the workouts, perhaps yoga is one physical activity which tops all, due to its calming capabilities. Add water into the mix, and the benefits are manifold. Which is why, Dr Mani Pavithra took to it in a big way. An orthodontist and an entrepreneur by profession, Pavithra runs five businesses in the city. However, it is teaching aqua yoga to her students that she finds most satisfying.

Trained at Auroville in Puducherry, Pavithra says balance in aqua yoga or water yoga is challenging due to the movements in water, but it also means less pressure on the joints. “Water yoga takes the movements and principle of yoga which helps people adapt to doing the postures in water. It is a low-impact exercise,” explains Pavithra.

Having been into sports, Pavithra was in search of mild workouts during her pregnancy to control her mood swings and anxiety when she decided to give yoga a chance. Today, not a day goes by without her doing yoga. “I had difficulty breathing during the eight month of my pregnancy, to the point that wherever I went, I had to look for a window. Then I started doing Pranayam, and within a week my energy levels and mood changed. Normally I’m a very calm person, but during my pregnancy I became wild and used to annoyed and tired easily. But after I started doing yoga, everything changed and I felt normal again. That’s when I realised that yoga is much deeper and it’s just not a physical activity,” says Pavithra.

Pavithra’s day starts as early as four in the morning. She practices yoga and makes sure to make time for herself, since she is busy training others the rest of the day. She listens to her body and practices accordingly. Starting with few stretches, she does breathing exercises and meditation. “Yoga is a mild form of exercise. But when it comes to older people, they find it difficult to do while youngsters get bored with regular exercises easily. So I began looking for an activity that was easy to do and fun.” Woga, as she calls water yoga is a gentle yet low impact aquatic activity that helps strengthen the body, relive stress and revitalises the body.

Students taking part in woga.

Health is wealth, they say and the body is Pavithra’s temple. She doesn’t follow any diet, but is conscious of what she consumes. She only eats organic food and doesn’t eat anything solid after 7 pm. Her main source of energy, she says is yoga.

She believes anything you wish to achieve starts from peace of mind and yoga helps you get there. “Your body is the blueprint and you are your own motivator. Your body is your guide. You just need to tap into that potential. When you break your barriers with respect to the body, it shows. Then you’ll have the confidence to do things you wanted to do,” adds Pavithra.

Pavithra’s takes eight water yoga classes per month at Film Nagar Cultural Center. The fee is Rs 3,000.

A diet to follow

6 am – a bowl of fruits
10 am -Idly, wada, dosa
Lunch – Rice, dal and curry
Dinner – soup