Future of technology is here

Author Published: 3rd Oct 2017   12:05 am Updated: 2nd Oct 2017   5:44 pm

Any great technology idea is indistinguishable from magic. It evokes a sense of awe and excitement. When innovator and entrepreneur Elon Musk talks about his ideas of future technologies, one is awe-struck by the audacity of his concepts that are similar to a fascinating science fiction. The SpaceX Corporation founder’s vision often appears quite ahead of our times but one needs to dream big and work relentlessly to make them a reality. Musk’s latest plan to build a rocket capable of carrying passengers anywhere on Earth within one hour has dazzled the technology circles because of the scale, scope and future implications of the idea. It is simply fascinating to imagine people boarding the spaceships from launch pads in their cities and reach destinations thousands of miles away in just 30 minutes. If the concept of mass transport by rocket ship, cruising at a speed of over 17,500 mph, becomes a reality, the most popular long haul flights could be completed in under 30 minutes–from Los Angeles to New York in 25 minutes, New York to London in 29 minutes or Paris in 30 minutes, New York to Shanghai in 30 minutes and Tokyo to New Delhi in 25 minutes. This will completely revolutionise the way the humans travel in future. Musk’s SpaceX Corporation has already disrupted aerospace industry with reusable launches. The reusable rockets that are being built for interplanetary travel will be used to ferry passengers anywhere on Earth. This would be the most dramatic change in the air travel since the introduction of supersonic Concords in the mid 1970s, travelling at twice the speed of sound.

Musk is a man of big dreams. What sets him apart from other innovators is that he is unfazed by failures. He was the first private entrepreneur who spoke about his dream of creating a human colony on Mars, despite several scientific challenges involved in such a mission. He has unveiled a vision to carry people to Mars in the next five years. The mega spaceship designed by his company, codenamed BFR, can carry 100 people at a time to the Red Planet. By unveiling plans to ferry humans not just to the distant planets but across the Earth as well, Musk appears all set to redefine air travel and throw a major challenge to the commercial airline industry. “Fly to most places on Earth in under 30 minutes and anywhere in under 60,” Musk wrote in an Instagram post after making a fascinating presentation at the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide. The rocket-propelled intercity travel may well be the game changer. So, fasten your seat belts for a journey out of the Earth’s atmosphere, a trip that promises a smooth, turbulence-free ride.