The first step towards mastering words

Try to learn the art of guessing the meaning of a word through context. Spend more time on reading a sentence to understand it better.

By Author   |   Published: 16th Jan 2017   2:08 pm

Hyderabad: There is one common mistake students do while trying to learn words. They keep running to a dictionary.

If you are a person who is just starting to develop a reading habit, and you do come across a word, refrain from rushing to a dictionary. It would kill your interest in reading. Further, you would end up spending more time flipping through a dictionary (or swapping through cards in a mobile app), than spending time enjoying the story.

However, do not ignore the new words. Just read them aloud so that you start recognising the presence of these words. That is the first step towards mastering words. In addition, by spending a wee bit more time reading the sentence that has the word, you would learn the art of guessing its meaning through context. This is the second step towards developing the expertise. In case you are using an e-reader, you can also highlight these words for a later review.

Finally, if you notice a word repeating many times – you by then have a good idea of its meaning as you have seen its contextual usage multiple times– now is the time to go to the dictionary to know its exact meaning.

– Mohamed Abdullah, CEO, Conduira Online, Online Test Prep Organisation