Wajah Tum HO:

Film: Wajah Tum Ho Director: Vishal Pandya Cast: Sharman Joshi, Rajneesh Duggal, Himanshoo, Sana Khan

By Author   |   Published: 17th Dec 2016   11:56 am
A still from the movie "Wajah Tum ho". Source: Internet

In the dying moments of the film, a character in the film says: “Kabhi kabhi haemin zindagi mein sirf dard ke saath jeena padtha hain” ( sometimes in life we have to live with only pain). This sums up the time in the theatre watching this vitriolic film. Vishal Pandya is making a career of selling and celebrating hate and this outing is not any different.

At the end of about two hours of contrived twists you yawn to self resignation and wonder what this definition of entertainment or creativity is when nurtured with such multiple layers of hate revenge and blood.

Be it the idealism of the 50s , the romance of the 60s or even the anger of the seventies, our cinema always reflected the national mood. Is hate the present? Akin to the products of the Bhatt factory this cinema throws reels and reels of human depravity at you and calls it entertainment. To be fair, the promos promise just that and the film offers threw to character.

Two business tycoons Rahul ( Rajneesh Duggal) and Karan (Himanshoo) are pals at logger heads . They have reasons to hunt together and reasons to oppose. With Rahul’s tv centre exposing a corrupt police officers killing alive, the police hunt him . Supporting the IO Sameer ( Sharman Joshi) is his lawyer Ranvir ( Gurmeet) and supporting Rahul is Siya ( Sana Khan) . the two lawyers are in love. Who is behind hacking the tv channel and making public the killings and why is what the script is about.

In a thriller it is important to avoid clichés but this time round the film maker prefers to get templates from the archives of the genre. The acting is wholly uninspired and it is obvious that they had a task on hand and were delivering half heartedly. Even the music is a mixed bag with the title song being imminently hummable and the remix of old numbers being a hash. The lead pair the hot scenes notwithstanding share to discernible chemistry .

They carry a wooden expression at all points in time and the finale gets loud without any reason. IN the midst of all this it looks like Sharman Joshi the one lone sane element has been hijacked into the script and is asked to deliver at gun point.

You are likely to walk out of the film very bored and tired and look back at the guy who gave you the tickets and say: Wajah tum ho.