Features to the rescue

By Author   |   Published: 8th Jan 2017   12:18 am Updated: 6th Jan 2017   6:50 pm
Feature Stories

My mornings begin with a few pages of good comic writing—whether novels, short stories, or plays. These provide me with a sort of coating, or defensive shell if you will, to endure what the day unfolds by way of the all-pervasive media onslaught – especially TV and Internet – that has become part of our everyday lives.

Opening the door and bending down to pick up the newspaper deposited on the mat is an activity that one never performs with alacrity because what one mostly expects are unremitting accounts of racial, national, regional, religious, or sectarian (and in India, most frequently caste) strife and hatred. And as if these are not enough there are tales of ‘natural’ calamities—most often actually engineered by the environmental destruction wrought by corporate greed…

The features section then provides some relief, before the fog of gloom is finally lifted when the routines of everyday life come crowding in and bring mundane things to the forefront.