My favourite book

By Author   |   Published: 24th Sep 2017   12:06 am Updated: 24th Sep 2017   12:11 am
Madhulika Natcharaju, student

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

bookAuthor: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Miramax Books
Pages: 375
Price: 299

Even as a child, the mythological stories have always fascinated me and perhaps this is the reason behind me falling in love with this book. Set in the 21st century, this book is about a guy named Percy Jackson; a 12-year-old with a lot of very serious problems; school, bullies and a record of getting kicked out of a school every year. These are enough to get anyone worked up. But he never knew that an innocent school trip to the Museum to look at the ancient Greek and Roman stuff had changed his life forever!

From finding out that his best friend was a satyr to being chased by mythological monsters into a secret camp for demigods (half human, half gods), his mom getting kidnapped to finding out that his dad is Poseidon, the god of the seas! Being accused of stealing Zeus’s symbol of power, the master bolt, the most powerful weapon ever created, to being forced to go on a quest to stop and all out war between the gods and save the world.

Another interesting thing about the book are its super cool and hilarious chapter titles; “I Accidently vaporize my math teacher”, “Grover Unexpectedly loses his trousers”, “We Take a Zebra to Vegas”; simply put, the book is a perfect blend of the Greek and the Modern worlds. Even though the plot looks complicated, it functions as a whole to keep the reader glued to the book; it is the smaller side stories about the world of gods and myths that make the story so very interesting.

-Madhulika Natcharaju, student