Develop a special bond

It is always necessary to be nice to your autistic sibling as they feel most safe with you.

By Author   |   Published: 23rd Sep 2017   11:03 pm Updated: 23rd Sep 2017   10:06 pm
Special Bond

The bond between two siblings is always special but if you have a younger or elder sibling who is autistic, then you need to treat this relationship with a little extra care. You also need to be a little more responsible to win their trust and be mature with every move you make. There are a few steps that need to be followed as part of your everyday routine when dealing with your sibling.

Understand their mood
Not everyone likes it if you stick to them all the time. So, first try to understand the mood of your sibling, sit at a distance and try to talk. If you feel they do not need your company, then leave them alone for a while and interact later. Some might love the proximity, and feel safe and calm. It always depends on how well you know your sibling.

Pay attention to stimming
Often, the autistic people engage themselves in self-stimulating behaviour flapping, spinning, playing repeatedly with same object but you don’t need to worry about it. Do not interrupt until and unless you find it harmful, as unnecessary interruption might annoy them. In case you do not find them safe, then consult a therapist or join your sibling to teach better stim, as it might relieve their stress.

Encourage them
Most of the autistic children are visually creative. As they cannot express themselves verbally, they enjoy expressing themselves through art. Bring them sketch pens and drawing sheets or other stuff that they need for their art and craft. You can even check their homework and make them sit to complete it properly. Compliment them for their work to boost their confidence level.

Communicate often
In any relationship, communication is important. You should always put an effort to talk to your sibling and let them know the things that happen in your life everyday. It could be some fun stuff or anything related to friends. This might make them share their own stories as well.

Keep patience
Be sure that you are always patient enough throughout your interactions. Avoid shouting on them for their mistakes. If they have done anything wrong, be very sweet and make them understand that what they have done is wrong.