Four celestial delights for astronomy lovers in 2017

According to calculations made by Ujjain's prestigious Jiwaji Observatory, these astronomical delights will begin from February 11 with "Penumbral Lunar Eclipse" which will be visible in India.

By Author   |   Published: 30th Dec 2016   4:01 pm
Celestial delights
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Indore: Year 2017 will bring four astronomical and celestial delights for star gazers across the world out of which only two would be visible in India.

Observatory Superintendent, Dr Rajendraprakash Gupt told PTI, “when penumbral lunar eclipse occurs, it passes through the earth’s partial shadow. At this point the sunlight falls on moon and it appears partially severed and the eclipse is visible like a faded shadow on moon.”

The next will be Annular Solar Eclipse on February 26 which will not be visible in India.

The Superintendent informed that on August 7, a partial Lunar Eclipse will occur and it will be a delight for astronomy lovers in India.

The Total Solar Eclipse will occur on August 21 but will not be visible in India.

Total solar eclipse takes place when moon comes in between sun and earth in a manner that Sun appears totally hidden behind moon, the Superintendent added.