Yes, he did it right

There is unanimous support on Quora for Dr Jehangir’s tough decision in Dear Zindagi.

By Author   |   Published: 27th Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 27th Dec 2016   7:19 pm
Dear zindagi
Stills from the movie Dear Zindagi. Source: Internet

It is never easy to part ways with a loved one. The idea of going separate ways becomes even more difficult when one is not sure about the reason for the separation. In the much-loved movie Dear Zindagi, featuring SRK and Alia Bhatt, the characters of the two separate as the movie climaxes. This, as the movie shows, is tougher on Kaira (Alia Bhatt) than it is on the therapist Dr Jehangir Khan (SRK). It is natural then, that the viewer develops empathy for Kaira and wonders why the two have to separate after all, especially since Kaira tells him that she really, really likes him, and it looks like Dr Jehangir may well have the same feelings towards her. 

The question became a trending topic on the popular forum Quora, and the answer was quite unanimous – yes, Dr Jehangir did the right thing by asking Kaira not to meet him again. New Delhi-based psychology student Nikita Arora’s answer got the most number of views and likes, as she described the workings of the mind behind the decision quite eloquently. 

“… mainly because the client may depend on the therapist for her every problem rather than becoming self-sufficient or empowered,” she wrote, justifying Dr Khan’s decision. And then, she added something that we totally endorse – “And I feel happy to say that Bollywood for once aptly showed the practicality of a life situation.”