It’s cool to wear the same outfit

Instagram’s hashtags #twinningIn has set new goals for fashionistas.

By Author   |   Published: 19th Jan 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 20th Jan 2017   7:20 am

Have you ever had the “Oh, No!” moment when you spotted someone else wearing the same outfit as yours? It used to be a big deal, didn’t it? We made such a big fuss about finding the dress (or any other piece of clothing) which no one else would possibly have, in order to save ourselves the awkwardness of running into someone wearing the same dress as ours. The celebs are the ones who make headlines and are talked about the most when they are seen wearing the same outfits as another celebrity.

“I remember twinning up with my friend for the freshers’ party, it was fun having all eyes on us,” says Lalrindiki, an alumna of University of Hyderabad. Instagram’s #twinning trend has somehow helped everyone to fight this fear of being caught in such situations. Now, we find pleasure in twinning in with our friends or family and flaunt the pictures on social networking sites. To twin in with the significant other, or friends, and family has become a goal for almost everyone!

“It may not have made a big impact but this has helped us detach from the uneasiness we face when we find people wearing the same outfit,” says Ankitha Naishadham, who works as a PR executive. Style icon Kelly Jenner has also posted a lot of #twinningIn pictures with her besties. These celebs have popularised this trend and now everybody loves it. Isn’t it awesome to be doing the opposite of something we were uncomfortable with?

By the way, our very own Hyderabadi women too are rocking it with trendy #twinningIn parties with Phankaar Ladies Club members taking the lead to host a ‘Double Dhamaka’ party last month.

How to work it
If you are a newbie to this trend and want to give it a try, it’s very simple. You just have to match up with anything like tees, shoes, hairstyle or even the whole outfit with the other person you would want to twin in with and have some fun with the experiment.