Coining the Bahmani facts together

Pushkar Sohoni gives insightful information on successor states.

By Author   |   Published: 17th Jan 2017   11:06 pm Updated: 17th Jan 2017   8:20 pm

Titled ‘Non-issue of coins: Bahmani successor states and coinage’, the talk focussed on the non-existence of Adil Shahi, Nizam Shahi, Qutb Shahi and Baridshahi coinage.

Seated in front of the audience, speaker Pushkar Sohoni opened the talk by saying that people are open to disagree with his points. Going ahead, he gave a brief history of the Bahmani kingdom and how his successors have declared themselves independent. But the interesting observation he made was the only currency that one of these Sultanates minted for trading was Larin. He said that the frozen coins were used by the successors for almost a century for no reason. He shared that the Sultanates continued to use these old coins and after 1580s, all of them started minting coins at the same time.

Sohoni shared that it was towards the end these Sultanates started minting coins, but no one is sure about their usage or existence. He said that there are a few types of coins that were released during the Qutb Shahi rule, which would have been used for some ceremonial purposes. He mentioned what amazed him the most was the wide usage of Bahmani coins that are till date found beyond the borders of the Sultanate.

He said that these successor rulers did not manage to escape from the clutches of the Mughals. But surprisingly, more Mughal coins were also found in use — and the reason was that the Mughals minted coins before capturing the place.

The talk was organised by Kalakriti Art Gallery in collaboration with Deccan Heritage Foundation.