Chandrababu Naidu claims on housing scheme bundle of lies: YSR Congress

By Author   |   Published: 3rd Oct 2017   8:10 pm Updated: 3rd Oct 2017   8:41 pm

Hyderabad: Pooh-poohing the claim of Chandrababu Naidu of building 17 lakh houses in one year, YSR Congress on Tuesday said that since 2014 what the CM has done in the housing sector is pathetic and has lavishly spent on refurbishing his personal houses besides shifting his residence to an illegal structure throwing moral and legal nuances to wind.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, party spokesperson Padmaja Naramalli said, ‘while former chief minister YSR had built 27 lakh houses in five years, Chandrababu Naidu has come up with just 34, 000 houses during the past four years which shows his neglect of housing sector.

Instead of taking housing for the poor, he has been busy in renovating the houses he was staying in and has built a massive mansion in the joint capital and has spent lavishly for the structure and interiors and all that with public money. His family was staying in a star hotel during this period and the state exchequer had to foot the bill.

Having spent all the money on his residence and camp office, suddenly he left the city lock, stock and barrel to Vijayawada after the cash for vote case and things were done in a tearing hurry, she said.

Once in Vijayawada, true to his mindset he took up his residence at a building which was labeled as illegal and has flouted all the civic laws. The row of houses which he took up as temporary residence and offices on the river front had been renovated at a very high cost and gave the illegal structures sanctity by converting them into Chief Minister’s residence.