Breaking myths

Feel free to flaunt any outfit without being seld-concious or embarrassed.

By Author   |   Published: 17th Jan 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 17th Jan 2017   10:30 pm

Women with well-endowed chest have been subjected to a lot of restrictions when it comes to dressing. They would have been advised by many people on several occasions what to wear and what not to wear. But why do these rules apply only for busty women? Why should they stick to a certain style and should stay away from things they love to flaunt? City-based budding fashion designers share some of their ideas that break all the myths.

Can’t wear fitted dresses
The most common advice that is given to women with bigger bust is to avoid fitted dresses as they may not look appropriate. They are usually advised to opt for shift dresses as there is a notion that they will make them look better. Designer P Keerthi, Vasu Designers from Banjara hills says that the trick is to choose the fabric that does not cling to your body. She mentions that it is important to make sure that the dress suits your body type. “One can opt for a V-neck dress or an empire waist dress to look better,” she adds.

Can’t wear horizontal stripes
Horizontal stripes are not meant for women with a heavy chest is a wrong notion that needs to break. Designer, P Sonali, Senorita designs from Secunderabad says that one has to stay away from fabrics like lycra and go for light fabrics such as cotton. She shares that horizontal stripes actually defines one’s waistline which can be adopted to look better. “Women can style horizontal striped tops by tucking them into their trousers,” she adds.

Go for baggy clothes
Clothes should be used to enhance one’s look, but not cover up the defects. It is sad that busty women are advised to go for baggy clothes to look good. Designer, V Divya from Marwa designs advises them to opt for tailored fit clothes instead of baggy and loose clothes. She says that loose clothes will not do any good to their structure and may also end up ruining their overall appearance. “One important thing to keep in mind while going for baggy clothes is to pair them with right accessories,” she shares.

No to bandeau bikinis
Bandeau bikinis are the outfits women should opt for when they are going on a swimming date. Busty women usually do not go for them as they feel that they would not suit them. But Keerthi says that the mantra is to pick a bikni of your size and go for sober shades or simple patterns. “It is better to avoid confusing patterns like geometric prints as they may not look so good,” she adds.