Bibliophiles will love these websites

Second hand book sites in India that will help bibliophiles save up

By Author   |   Published: 4th Oct 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 5th Oct 2017   12:08 am

For the love of reading, bibliophiles close their eyes, clench their teeth and go for a book shopping sphere. Sometimes, we come back empty handed because the books we want to read are just way too expensive. Making life a little easier, we now have a handful of sites where we can buy used-books, sell our old books or event rent – for cheaper price. It’s even better because it is less time consuming as well. So, here are a few sites where you can sell, buy, rent and save up.


Seeing the website itself, you will want to spend some time browsing through it. Easy to use and a well organised site, it’s pleasing to the eye. Here, you can buy used books with good discount, and you can also sell or donate the books you think you want to dispose. They also have a category called the blind date, where you order for a book without knowing the title, but just its genre.


This site is for students and scholars who wish to buy their academic books for cheaper prices. The books are available only for rental and the site is based out of Noida. The rental duration is from four days to six months and if the book isn’t returned on time, their security will be ceased.

Second hand book India

The site delivers books to every part of India and offers second hand books for a good price. They are efficient and offer children and management books, novels but not academic textbooks.