Band it to shape up

The idea of fitness has changed people's perception.

By Author   |   Published: 10th Jan 2017   11:06 pm Updated: 10th Jan 2017   10:37 pm

Fitness devices have now become fashion accessories that everyone loves to sport now. Be it anything, like keeping track of the number of steps, the intake of calories, drinking, or sleeping habits, these electronic devices know everything. They have insights into every detail related to you and your fitness.

These fitness trackers have been gaining popularity over a couple of years and there are no signs of these slowing down. The devices can be synced with smartphones which will help you view your activity. One can make their diet charts, set new health goals and it can be really helpful to share and exchange ideas on fitness.

The idea of fitness has evolved over the years and it has surely changed the perception of people. There were days when people used to think they have to diet to be fit, but now physical activity and healthy eating have replaced them. It may be a simple walking, but people are willing to go that extra mile to shed those kilos.

Fitness trainer Naveed says that Fitbit is now a part of every youngster’s life. The 40-year-old believes that it has really revolutionised the idea of fitness. He feels that people are opting for fitness bands because of the multi-purpose usage and funky look. “I tell my clients to feed everything, because it cannot forget anything and makes it easy to access it,” he adds.

Available in many brands like Fitbit, Apple and Samsung, the sales of these fitness bands have shot up. But people usually prefer Fitbit to other brands.

A Karthik, a software professional who claims to “never skip my workout”, says that he is addicted to Fitbit. The health freak feels that it pushes him to eat in smaller quantities at the right time. He believes that it has made an impact in the fitness world that will not die out soon.

“I personally recommend these to everyone, because one has to keep track of his/her fitness exercise,” he adds.