Babumoshai Bandookbaaz: Nawazuddin not sufficient to save a film

By Author   |   Published: 26th Aug 2017   2:47 pm
Babumoshai Bandookbaaz
Poster of Nawazuddin's 'Babumoshai Bandookbaaz' released

Just Nawazuddin Siddiqui is not sufficient to save a film. Even if it is the noir he is very familiar with and has an author backed role seeped in self-deprecation and cynicism. What palpably is, angst takes a voyeuristic road map to the Gangs of Wasseypur.

The needless dollops of kill smooch and sex in the midst of a weak attempt to tell a story of the conflict between two professional assassins begins to tell on your nerves all too soon. An audience that cannot put things in context add to the ills of the film.

Sex too like violence displayed without purpose does not make for a good film, surely when it as an apology for a script.

To those who believe that some hot scenes, some moments of gender equal sexuality, cuss words, shoot outs and rough terrain language makes for good or bold cinema, this could be an interesting eye opener that these are self-defeatist lickspittle to the cause. 

Our Babumoshai in the first place is far removed from the image you conjure up and connect to the name. He is Babu Bihari (Nawazuddin) a contract killer, who loves his job in some geographical place on the same latitude as Wasseypur with a coquettish brazen defiance.

From openly ogling at the local cobbler Phulwa (Bidita Bag) to just being trigger happy with consummate ease, he is just everything seamless and yet in control.  He is the go to guy Sumitra (Divya Dutta) who is having her beedies and buddies including Trilock (Murali Sharma). 

There is a civil war going on between Sumitra and Dubey (Anil George- who just fails to whip up enough negativity to be the villain). Things hot up when Banke Bihari (Jatin Goswami) the under payed assassin joins the war front.  

Banke is with Yasmin (Sharadha Das) and ogling at Phulwa.  In between these steamy relations, people are killing one another all without a back ground or a purpose. The cast fights hard to salvage the film and the likes of Mukul Sharma and Divya Dutta try to give some meaning to the film.  Bidita Bag sure heats up the goings on.  

Nawazuddin can sleep walk this role and does it with near perfection that is expected of him. The surprise element is Jatin Goswami who shares screen space with Nawazuddin and is not overawed. Otherwise this Bandookbaaz is just too much of rifle and gun.