Artistic expressions: Art In Situ

‘Art in Situ’ displays 28 artworks of 22 prominent and contemporary artists.

By Author   |   Published: 18th Jan 2017   11:06 pm Updated: 19th Jan 2017   6:37 pm
Art Expression

Kalakriti Art Gallery is hosting the Art Residency conducted by Krishnakriti Foundation over the past three years. The exhibition titled ‘Art in Situ’ was inaugurated on January 5 as part of the recently-held Krishnakriti Festival of Art & Culture 2017. 

This time, it’s a collaboration of 28 artworks of 22 prominent and contemporary artists including Jogen Chowdhury, Suju Kunal, Muhammad Zeeshan, Asha Dangol, Sonjay Malakar, Purnna Behera, Mrinmoy, Yassine Balbziom and Anil Shahi. The art works have been gathered from different countries like France, Nepal, Pakistan and India. 

As you take a stroll in the gallery, you’ll find that the paintings are inviting with each having its own uniqueness, waiting to tell you the story that’s concealed. Asha Dangol, a prominent figure in his field from Nepal, showcases his work titled: ‘World of New Beginnings’. His paintings speak volumes about the cycle of urbanisation, consumerism and ecology. To his credit, he has 10 solo exhibitions and has his work displayed in the USA, South Korea and Belgium. Likewise, artist Muhammad Zeeshan from Pakistan has put up his work that displays themes of violence, social unrest and political depravity in a global scale. 

The Kalakriti Residency is the only art residency in Hyderabad. The programme is an opportunity for the artists to collaborate and re-invent themselves. Here, they are provided space, accommodation and an opportunity to connect with other professionals.

While the exhibition has various messages to disseminate, you still have the chance to go and see it for yourself. The show will go on till January 21.