Aqua app to fetch savings to farmers

With the use of this app farmers can locate the manufactures of feed themselves, the app rules out the possibility of middleman in transactions.

By Author   |   Published: 18th Jan 2017   10:30 am
The app helps over 75,000 aqua farmers to improve profitability and enhance their yield.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based startup Aqua Farming Technologies and Solutions is all set to take aqua farmers to the next level by bringing in significant savings in feed and medicine for fish and prawns, and guiding them with accurate weather forecasts, across the country. The company is targeting the app downloads to 25,000 from 1,000 within next one year. Many farmers end up paying more through credits and middleman fee for procuring raw materials in the industry and the company wants to end this trend.

An intuitive and user- friendly mobile application ‘​A​qua​ ​App’ developed by aqua farmers Ramachandra Raju and Venu Dantuluri to help over 75,000 farmers engaged in aqua culture in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal is aiming to improve profitability and enhance their yield. The app can bring in 25 per cent savings as it would avoid middlemen cost. The feed is usually in the form of de-oiled rice bran, groundnut oil cake and cottonseed cake.

With the use of this android and iOS app farmers can locate the manufactures of feed themselves, the application rules out the possibility of middleman involvement in transactions and brings more transparency in the business besides detailed information about weather, new advancements in aqua culture and up to date market prices.

Talking about the infrastructure that has already been created, Aqua Farma founder Venu Dantuluri told Telangana Today, “We have set up six outlets so far in Andhra Pradesh and plan to have atleast 25 outlets in one year spreading to Odisha, West Bengal and later Punjab. We have tied up with about 10 companies that make feed material and medicines and will expand such partnerships to 30 in near future.”

Founder Venu Dantuluri together with his seed investor Prakash Dantuluri has invested $100,000 in developing the android ‘​A​qua​ App’ app. Venu says, “The interest in this has been remarkable as farmers are seeing the benefit with over 1,000 and growing number of farmers downloading the app and using it already. Most of them have begun to note its potential for gaining key production information and advice in real-time for immediate sharing. We may go for a next round of funding in the next few months as we scale up.”

“The biggest advantage farmers have from the app which is free to register and download; with the help of our app farmers can employ many measures to make gains, including improvement in standards of feed efficiency, gain direct access to top quality manufacturers, daily market prices, weather reports that can make big savings.” Venu said.

“The features of the app will include weather reports, prevailing market conditions, and price alerts of the aqua feed along with locations market as well as improve input cost efficiency that could yield big results, he informed.

The app which is in English and Telugu now, will also be introduced in Bengali and Oriya within next six months.