Official trailer of Adirindhi and other stories trending on social media

People have been uploading pictures of their tongue covered with glitters.

By Author   |   Published: 4th Oct 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 4th Oct 2017   8:44 pm

Youtube Marvels: Vijay is back

The official trailer of ‘Adirindhi’ starring Vijay is making his fan go crazy. This is a Tamil remake of Mersal. The plot revolves around magic and the background score is all about that.

Vijay is seen in different roles in different scenes. The movie is shot in various locations and every location is unique. In this movie, magic is shown in a different light and it definitely increases the curiosity of the viewers.

There are many other elements that make the plot interesting for the viewers. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie.
— Jaya Vellampalli

Insta Tales: For the love of glitter

Instagram is always flooding with bizarre trend and the latest one is the glitter tongue. What is said to have been started by makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic is now the much talked about trend.

People have been uploading pictures of their tongue covered with glitters. With mixed reviews, what’s more concerning about this trend is it may not be healthy if you happen to swallow the glitters accidentally. We also know that it’s not easy to remove them as well.
–T Takuangla Jamir

Facebook Diaries: How to remove nazar

We have all had this experience at least once in our life. An inexplicable string of accidents and failures, which inevitably leads our mothers and grandmothers to conclude that the reason behind is buri nazar, i.e. evil eye.

Kenny Sebastian, in his latest video, breaks down this concept or superstition with points drawn from his own experiences, which all of us can easily relate to.

From suggesting the possibility of our grandmothers having a nexus with NASA to draw in scientific facts to concoct the complicated ritual of warding off the evil eye, his interpretations are simply hilarious.

— Keerthana B

Twitter Chatter: Out of respect

Showing respect towards the victims, their families and his fans who were affected by the mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas where he performed, country music singer Jason Aldean canceled his upcoming tour dates. He took this decision out of respect for the victims.

“As a result of what happened in Las Vegas this week, we have decided to cancel this coming weekend’s shows,” Aldean says.

The singer tweets that it has been an emotional time for everyone involved this week, so we plan to take some time to mourn the ones we have lost and be close with our family and friends.— Sweta Pendyala