How to select the best produce?

Being a pro in picking groceries goes a long way to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

By Author   |   Published: 18th Jan 2017   11:15 pm Updated: 18th Jan 2017   11:13 pm

Most of us are clueless about how to choose vegetables and fruits. Random picking may land the nutritious food in the waste bin. So, take some tips to avoid paying for veggies and fruits which are rotten inside.

Apple is an essential fruit one should eat on a daily basis. So, while you purchase them in about two to three kilos, make sure the apple weighs more than its size. Also, pick apples that are firm and deeply coloured.

If the banana is split or bruised, avoid picking it. “Choosing bananas that are not very ripe will have more flavour, and the more thicker, the more nutritious it will be,” says Pallavi Mittal, a wellness coach.

The first thing to do is to pick the ones that have strong fragrance. They should be red, and not white or green. The shinier the berries are, the tastier they’ll be.

“Watermelons that are heavy, firm, big in size and have a yellow patch are signs that it’s ripe, and not rotten,” says Mariya Hassan, a homemaker and resident of Tolichowki. You can thump the melon and if it gives away a hollow sound, you picked the right one.

Stop randomly picking garlic; instead, look for the ones that are big, plump, firm and tight. Do not go for the ones that are spongy and soft. Also, avoid buying peeled-and-packaged ones since their shelf-life is comparatively low.

See that the cabbage is firm and compact. It is said that the darker the leaves, the more flavour it contains. Mariya says, “I make sure that the cabbage is green and not pale. I usually pluck one of the leaves and see that it’s crispy and easy.”

They should be well-shaped and blemish-free. Avoid potatoes that have green patches, as these are signs of sunburns.

For kiwi, buy the ones that are not as hard as a rock. But, that doesn’t mean you should go for the ones that are mushy.