Oh, those nightmarish times

Try getting better, deeper sleep, and avoid that bedtime snack.

By Author   |   Published: 17th Jan 2017   11:06 pm Updated: 17th Jan 2017   11:25 pm

How many times have you fallen from a great height, in your dreams? Been chased but couldn’t run fast enough, no matter how hard you tried? Scary, right? And most of these nightmares come to you when it’s early morning, and then you hear that scarier myth that dreams from early morning always come true… Well, worry not, we have your nightmare problems decoded here. Read on:

Rest assured
Nightmares occur due to many reasons, a common one of which is a lack of proper sleep/rest. If you’re not getting your daily quota of 7-8 hours of sleep, you are given easy access to nightmare-land. So, try and get a good night’s sleep.

Eat right
Bedtime dinner or snacks push your body into a metabolism overdrive, which pushes your brain into an activity overdrive. This causes nightmarish sleep and can be easily fixed by avoiding bedtime meals. It is best not to eat after 7 pm, or eat light. A heavy dinner post 10 pm makes for a scary wake the next morning.

Be happy
Depression as well as anti-depressants cause nightmares, so make sure you treat your mind before worrying about the scary faces in your dreams. As you leave depression and anti-depressants behind, your brain will naturally let go of its hyperactivity, and you bid goodbye to the spooky old lady.

Restless legs
If you have the urge to move your legs while you sleep or rest, you are prone to seeing bad dreams. Talk to your physician about the legs and both problems can be treated at once.
PS: You have nightmares in the morning not because they’re supposed to come true, but because that is when your eyes move the most.